Coffee Cartel field trip

Coffee Cartel field trip

By Justine Bell

Jarrod and I both love our coffee – always have. We love the experience of having a good coffee and the positive impact it can have on your day.

We often find that when we have time to go away for a day or two, that we are drawn to towns where we’ve had a great coffee experience.

So it’s only natural that we are constantly working on our processes and skills to make sure that Snout in the Trough is the coffee destination in Camperdown.

We work very closely with the team at Coffee Cartel in Geelong and recently we took our team of baristas down for a refresher/introduction session with ‘The Jedi Roaster’ – AKA Malcolm.

For some of us the session was great to brush up on our knowledge and skills and for others it provided an introduction to the finer art of making great coffee.

We stepped through the intricacies of coffee roasting and the methods Coffee Cartel use to make them the most consistent, small batch roaster in the region.

We discussed things like the difference between washed and natural beans and the methods used during roasting to get the right flavours out of single origin and blends. It’s fascinating stuff and our team got a wonderful understanding of the ‘science’ of coffee.

Coffee Cartel is our roaster of choice because of their experience and their commitment to our relationship and working together to best represent their brand and service our customers.

Of course, no coffee training is complete without a session of latte art! So next time you come in for one of our amazing lattes, you might just get a surprise on top to brighten up your day even more.

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