Takeaway, breakfast & lunch

Takeaway, breakfast & lunch

You asked for it and we heard you. From March 1 you can pop in and pick up delicious toasted pides to takeaway for breakfast and lunch. 

How does a breakfast pide with egg, bacon, spinach and relish sound?

What about a BLT pide with chicken for lunch? Or even a grilled vegetarian pide with hummus? 

If you’re still not across the line, we’re going to combo the takeaway pides with a coffee – all for just $15 and prepared as quickly as possible. 

The beautiful pides will also be available to our dine-in customers as part of our new Autumn set menu.

We’re changing things up a bit and will be implementing a set menu that changes every three months. Previously we rotated our menu daily.

To view the Autumn menu that is available from Tuesday, March 1 please click here.